change video link

only difference is audio, that's about it.
use xfs instead of ext4 (resolves #1)

don't use force force, use force for cleanish shutdown
version increment
added work around for repo-add not working
remove total download from pacman config
remove extra / in url
fast compression
add more arguments to add-repo
remove the extra comment from other script
Revert "change to zstd compression instead"

This reverts commit 1d28eb9bc0a968cbda5fc9c9a36b5c441864ee2b. this is because zstd compression isn't actually support by repo-add
increment patch/change
update pacman configuration
change to zstd compression instead
forcefully reboot
add invisble files
new actual update
add to readme
Create .gitignore

because we don't want packages trash here
Update README.md
Upload everything of the thing