fix classic skin patch

updated lazer, so here's the changes

patch was generated with `git diff --staged > filename` don't worry
about the loss of things too much
add to README goals and another caveat
hacky way for a translated label
reorder beatmap info elements
perfect alignment with beatmap info things
move all beatmap info elements slightly up
anchor all beatmap info element to top left
use a star character instead of the word "star"
move beatmap info and score up

to fit long song titles just by the playfield borders (if enabled)
small adjustments to health bar separator line
show judgement names in judgement list
reorganize beatmap info

- minimize some of the stuff into smaller spaces
- move potentially longer attributes up
- indent difficulty name
update osu!lazer version
add another caveat
add more to caveat
fix black bar misalignment in classic skin
add caveats to readme, move disambiguation
add skin.ini changes in variants, rename patches
fixup! Revert "delete skin.ini"
Revert "delete skin.ini"

This reverts commit cf745f01c93e49e94a735cf699ef9648e246d777.