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@@ 3,7 3,10 @@ Another very informational osu!lazer skin.
(Not to be confused with the first informational osu!lazer argon pro skin at

This deviates from the default skin quite a bit.
The goals of this skin is a little bit different. This deviates from the
default skin quite a bit, tries to leave all translation efforts onto
osu!lazer itself (by not using custom language specific text), while keeping
text big so it's still mostly accessible.

Releases: https://git.sr.ht/~jacksonchen666/another-informational-osu-lazer-skin/refs

@@ 17,3 20,6 @@ playfield.

The leaderboard during gameplay will not look nice, and skin elements at the
bottom left will be unreadable due to the overlapping leaderboard.

Some stuff are left unlabeled, and is left to the player/viewer to figure
out what certain elements mean.