abac60a8 — jacksarick 6 months ago master
submitted my last paper :(
dec0303c — jacksarick 6 months ago
one essay left for NTZ
ddd88319 — jacksarick 6 months ago
seperated from Dal
ardmore draft
done first draft (lol)
finally figured out a fucking title
my word count is slowly but surely going up
word by word
ayo we got something
here we go
should've done a better job maintaining my libraries
I'm done, I guess
2k words, technically
This may seem like a commit that I've been saving up, but no
I simply started working far too late and am making up for it by being absurdly productive
Added a few final things but I'm dooooone
done w/ asia. submitted
Putting down lines
Done with this paper! sent off and everything