zeta: beta24 -> beta25
jack-emacs: remove org-roam hack around sqlite3 warning
jack-emacs: add dhall-mode
jack-emacs: Add org-roam
jack-emacs: Remove ruby-reek
jack-emacs: remove explicit `(require 'format-spec)`

`engine-mode` requires it correctly.
jack-emacs: update rubocop
kevedit: 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7
jack-emacs: turn elm back on
jack-emacs: don't hardcode my email for other people
jack-emacs: Remove reek
jack-emacs(rubocop, reek): fix update.sh to work with new bundler
ormolu: remove

Looks like the one in 20.03's nixpkgs is reasonably recent, and should
keep getting updated.
jack-emacs: explicitly request org-drill
jack-emacs: get solargraph from nixpkgs
jack-emacs: turn up read-process-output-max
jack-emacs: add LSP and solargraph support
jack-emacs: add which-key
jack-emacs: use a rubocop with lots of plugins
jack-emacs: remove ruby-reek flycheck checker

One already exists these days, so we don't need to provide our own.