Personal nix overlay for things that I build/like.
Raise gc-cons-threshold and read-process-output-max
jack-emacs: remove org-drill
jack-emacs: add terraform-mode


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#My Nix Overlay

This overlay contains packages that I use or like.


default.nix is set up to load nixpkgs with the overlay, which is handy for testing. You can install packages from this repo with a command like nix-env -f https://git.sr.ht/~jack/nix-overlay/archive/master.tar.gz -iA mudcore-unstable.

jack-overlay.nix defines the overlay itself, and is the file you want to e.g., symlink into ~/.config/nixpkgs/overlays.

#Package List

  • jack-emacs: a BAUER-style custom build of GNU Emacs. Lots of dependencies, all configured and wired-in via the Nix store. Large.

    Note: This package includes some emacs packages that may not be in nixpkgs. You can work around this by adding the nix-community/emacs-overlay overlay.

  • kevedit: An advanced editor for ZZT.

  • msrss: Merge/Scrub RSS feeds.

  • mudcore-unstable: A simple, Lua-scripted MUD server. Built from git.

  • zeta: A minimal x86 emulator, specialised for running ZZT.

  • zzt: The object-oriented game. A DOS game-creation system from 1991.