Minimalist MUD server, scripted with Lua.
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#MudCore, a simple MUD server

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MudCore is a simple MUD server. Game logic is implemented in lua, telnet handling is done for you, and the server can communicate with the outside world by way of ZeroMQ sockets.

NOTE: MudCore is not under active development. I consider it feature-complete, but never built a game atop it.

#Building MudCore


The easiest way to build MudCore is with Nix:

nix build # With Nix >=2.4, and flakes enabled

You can then run ./result/bin/mudcore from the project root; this will start a server using the example boot.lua script.

You can also install it into your local environment:

# Nix >=2.4, flakes enabled:
nix profile install git+https://git.sr.ht/~jack/mudcore

#Other Systems


Beyond fundamental build tools (like you'd get with debian's build-essential), you will need:

  • GLib (debian: libglib2.0-dev)
  • libtelnet (debian: libtelnet-dev)
  • lua 5.4 (debian: liblua5.4-dev)
  • pkg-config (debian: pkg-config)
  • ZeroMQ >= 4.0.4 (debian: libzmq3-dev)

If you are building from git, you will also need:

  • autoconf
  • automake

If you want to build documentation, you will also need:

  • texinfo
  • texlive (if you want to a pdf/ps/dvi manual)

If you are building from git, first run autoreconf -i.

Building from source is the usual ./configure && make && sudo make install dance. The server runs just fine without being installed by make install, if you don't want to install it.


The full documentation for MudCore is maintained as a Texinfo manual. It is built as part of a normal run of make, and if you do not install it, you can read it after building by loading doc/mudcore.info into your info reader.

If you want documentation in other formats, try running make pdf or make html. Similarly, make install-pdf or make install-html will install documentation.

#Hacking on MudCore

If you are developing a game, you should not need to modify the C code. If you want to hack on MudCore itself, you can either install dependencies by hand, or if you use Nix, run one of the following commands:

nix develop # Nix >=2.4, flakes enabled

To build a tarball for a release, run make distcheck.