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#Miscellaneous Code

builds.sr.ht status

Here's where I store code that's not worth spinning out into full-fledged projects. Most of it is AGPLv3-or-later but I might licence it under something else if you ask nicely.

#Index of Projects

All paths are relative to repository root.

  • bunkplan - Generate a HTML bunkplan from a CSV (Haskell).
  • bunkplan-ml - Generate a HTML bunkplan from a CSV (old O'Caml version).
  • cabinsheets - Make HTML sheets to print & hang outside each cabin on a ship.
  • codeworld-raycaster - Draw a blocky labyrinth like it's 1992.
  • ergodox - Firmware config for my Infinity Ergodox.
  • metscrape - Batch-download wind forecasts from MetVUW (broken, unmaintained).
  • metscrape2 - Batch-download marine weather forecasts.
  • photoscripts - Some shell scripts I use to manage my photos.

#Building a Project

If you have Nix installed, you can run nix build -f . $PROJECTNAME to build that project. You will find it under the result symlink.