lambda-c: dinky little evaluator
ergodox: add binds for fst/snd
cabinsheets: Fix warning
ergodox: Add 'Relude' to Haskell import layer
Remove spaces from haskell keyword layer
ergodox: add bind for `<@>`, remove bind for `RaaP.`
Update overrides for haskell packages
Bump nixpkgs version
Add codeworld-raycaster to nix toplevel
Add top-level nix expression to build projects
Point ergodox nix at common nixpkgs pin
Add ergodox to readme
Add ergodox firmware
cabinsheets: add COPYING
Nixify cabinsheets
.build.yml: Fix src dirs
Import old misc code, nixify it all, add CI
Remove reflex-gl-demo (send to qfpl)
Add comment discussing fan of FS.Event