stg: implement the eval/apply machine
stg: fix definition of `double` in example
stg: new project
lambda-c: add shell.nix
lambda-c: parse STLC typedecls in lambdas
lambda-c: use custom refcount type instead of grefcount
lambda-c: make the pretty printer not suck
lambda-c: fix the parser
lambda-c: fix gitignore
lambda-c: unbreak ci
lambda-c: lexer, broken parser
lambda-c: nix
lambda-c: Capture-avoiding substitution
lambda-c: dinky little evaluator
ergodox: add binds for fst/snd
cabinsheets: Fix warning
ergodox: Add 'Relude' to Haskell import layer
Remove spaces from haskell keyword layer
ergodox: add bind for `<@>`, remove bind for `RaaP.`