Reflex wrapper around libtelnet.
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Reflex Bindings to libtelnet

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This is a reflex wrapper around libtelnet, which lets you describe data flows through the telnet state tracker using reflex Events.

The library itself is GPL-3.0-or-later and lives in the libtelnet-reflex subdirectory. There is an echo server example in libtelnet-example/src/Main.hs, which is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.

Quick Start

See the libtelnet-reflex README to learn how to drive the library.

If you use nix, then nix-shell will give you an environment that can cabal new-build both the libtelnet-reflex library package and the libtelnet-reflex-example example package.

libtelnet-reflex-example depends on some packages that are not published on hackage. The nix shell provides them for you, but if you don't use nix and have cabal-install 2.4 or newer (GHC 8.6), then you can build them using cabal new-build --project-file=cabal.project.with-sources.

Why are there two cabal.project files, though?

At the time of writing, reflex is currently broken in nixpkgs. This forces us to use reflex-platform, which provides cabal-install 2.2, which is not recent enough to understand source-repository-package stanzas.

Even with recent cabal-install, specifying source-repository-package stanzas causes them to be unconditionally fetched and built, which defeats the purpose of having nix provide the build dependencies.

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