Smaller projects that aren't big or active enough to have their own repo.


Calling Haskell from Fennel from Haskell


Content for jackkelly.name.


Function for making simple Haskell flakes


Personal nix overlay for things that I build/like.


Minimalist MUD server, scripted with Lua.


Unpack and pack data files for Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising


JSON encoding/decoding for dependent-sum


Haskell library for reading/writing ZZT/Super ZZT world files.


Reflex wrapper around libtelnet.


Haskell bindings to libtelnet.


GHC plugin to replace enums with newtypes


A "don't" construct for Haskell, inspired by perl's Acme::Don't


Source code for jackkelly.name.


CASA Abbreviations And Acronyms Assistant

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