Add links to about page
Remove posts index in preparation for a separate posts repo
Replace links navlink with posts
Update about page for September
Update main page blurb for September
Minor updates to links page
Fix broken link
Exclude Spartronics archives from crawlers
Replace bookshelf navlink with writeups navlink

Oh, how I wish server-side includes were a thing...
Move resume out of main repository
Order resume from recent to least recent
Revert 404 Astley and update resume
Send every non-canonical url to Rick Astley's

hit debut single "Never Gonna Give You Up".
this will be productive and useful and not backfire in the future
Prepend <!DOCTYPE html> to all pages

otherwise they're in "Quirks Mode", and who knows what issues that may
Minor resume updates
Make project links clickable in PDF
Add a short overview of some projects to my resume

Also update my bookshelf and links pages
Add special CSS for printing in Firefox
Update navbar to point to my resume

Client-side includes can't come soon enough :-(
Provide resume as a PDF