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				<i>Kurt Vonnegut</i>
			<!-- <div>
				<img src="assets/siddhartha.jpg" class="cover"/>
				<i>Hermann Hesse</i>
			</div> -->
				<img src="assets/catch-22.jpg" class="cover"/>
				<i>Joseph Heller</i>
		<!-- To Kill a Mockingbird, And Then There Were None-->
		<div class="shelf" id="academia">
			<!-- The Scarlet Letter, The Fault in Our Stars -->
				<img src="assets/twilight.jpg" class="cover"/>
				<i>Stephenie Meyer</i>
				<img src="assets/the-picture-of-dorian-gray.jpg" class="cover"/>
				<h3>The Picture of Dorian Gray</h3>

@@ 125,7 123,6 @@
		<div class="shelf" id="comics">
			<!-- Maus, March, Perseopolis, Copper -->
				<img src="assets/calvin-and-hobbes.jpg" class="cover"/>
				<h3>Calvin and Hobbes</h3>

@@ 152,6 149,11 @@
				<i>Emily Horne and Joey Comeau</i>
				<img src="assets/avasdemon.jpg" class="cover"/>
				<h3><a href="https://www.avasdemon.com/">Ava's Demon</a></h3>
				<i>Michelle Czajkowski</i>
				<img src="assets/xkcd.png" class="icon"/>
				<h3><a href="https://xkcd.org">xkcd</a></h3>
				<i>Randall Munroe</i>