Hello again. I'm Justice, but you might know me as JJ or j-james. I prefer either of the latter.

I'm currently an outgoing senior at Bainbridge High School. In the near future, I'll be a freshman at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, studying Mathematical Sciences.

I'm passionate about decentralized and resilient systems, cryptographic security, and general mathematics. In my spare time, I enjoy playing (roller) hockey, competing in ultimate frisbee, folding origami, and occasionally rock climbing.

I'm also a hobbyist programmer, skilled at Nim, HTML/CSS, and Java, sufficiently proficient in Python and Go, and learning C. Most of my projects are created in one or more of those languages. If you're interested, my higher-quality projects are available here on my website, with the rest having taken up residence in the depths of my GitHub profile (a number are also on SourceHut).

If you're looking to contact me, feel free to reach out over email to jj [at] this.website.


This website is based off of the websites of Catherine Zeng, Simon Højberg, and Victoria Drake.