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  • [x] Fix polyfill
    • [x] CSS either loads on https://j-james.me/htmlstuck or https://j-james.me/htmlstuck/story, never both
      • ../ accesses different locations from htmlstuck and htmlstuck/story.
      • Fix: Refer to assets and css with absolute links (j-james.me/htmlstuck/css/main.css)
    • [x] cross-origin requests are blocked
      • Kludge: Host SWFs locally
    • [x] Response has unsupported MIME type
      • known bug
      • Fix: Send application/wasm as a mime type
      • GitHub Pages now does this by default
    • [x] Failed to compile: HTTP code is not ok
      • Fixed by latest Ruffle version
  • [ ] Deal with Ruffle better
    • Currently, ruffle_web_latest.zip is downloaded by me and thrown into ruffle
    • Is the latest version hosted somewhere?
  • [x] Make a nice logo
  • [x] 404.html should load a random image