Forgot front matter
Create special pages for [S] Cascade and [S] GAME OVER
Make 404.html load a random image
Fix several broken Flashes
Host SWFs locally
Fix searchbar height issue
Update roadmap
Use Viz Media's font / icon assets
Test putting ruffle.js in head
Update Ruffle version
Update roadmap and add license
Unbreak CSS in varying locations
Locally host test flashes
Test various polyfill methods
Update ruffle
Try a direct polyfill
Hotfix CSS (maybe)
Remove fancy Jekyll links
Convert indentation to tabs

gotta get that speed
886f4436 — j-james 10 months ago
Merge pull request #1 from j-james/dependabot/bundler/nokogiri-1.10.8

Bump nokogiri from 1.10.4 to 1.10.8