Move away from XFCE

Switch colorscheme to Arc-Dark
Remove borders and transparency from windows
Power up Bash search
Begin tracking GIMP configuration
Change distribution to EndeavourOS

Integrate xfce4-session with bspwm
Switch colorscheme to Arc-Dark-Teal
Write a simple installation script
Various newly tracked config files

fd, git, redshift, viewnior, and my trackpad and keyboard configurations
Don't hard break lines for mail posts
Add spicetify's config and theme files
Various tweaks and changes

Modify VSCode ctrl + arrow commands to act like Neovim's
Create sane aerc keybindings
Small bashrc aliases (please ==> sudo)
Change kitty to better handle links
Remove mocp-specific controls from sxhkd
Initialize Aerc configuration files
Fix NeoVim colorscheme
Minor bspwm and sxhkd config restructuring
Export DevKitPro variables; create cd/ls command
Abstract SXHKD settings

Also enables more BSPWM functionality, such as floating / gaps modes
Fixes issues with awk and moves help script to inline
Next steps are to split keybindings across multiple super + fxs and find
a use for the mentioned unused keys (perhaps special floating commands?)
Clean up Dunst bloat
Add floating-by-default applications
Add htoprc to path
Make lemonbar functional

90% of scripts work, only remaining condition is async
lemonbar/lemonbar.sh ==> bar/barrc
So, turns out shebangs are *very* necessary...

BSPWM tends to crash on login without one.
Switch to tabs
Various SXHKD fixes

Also removes pacman mini-man page.
One-byte .gitignore

Git will continue to track files it's currently tracking.
New files can be added with `git add --force`.