Configuration files for various devices.


My website to host various projects. Under construction.


Writeups for CTFs.


All my math notes, now in Markdown. j-james.me/math


Plugin to make Vim behave more like a 'normal' editor.


Custom folder thumbnails for Tumbler. Supports PNG, JPG, and SVG .folder files.


Generate thumbnails for STLs with Tumbler.


Graphing the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State with covidtracking.com.


Helpful scripts in a variety of languages, collected in a central repository.


A static site generator for a Slack export, focused on speed and beauty.


A minesweeper game for the X Window System.


A tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning, with support for rounded corners.


Builds of arc-theme for a variety of colors, not just the standard cyan.


A simple website demo made with human-generated HTML + CSS. j-james.me/spartronics-demo


A platform-independent collection of useful software.

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