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Since gwit is based on Git, a gwit site is made up of *static files and directories*. Except for a few files with site metadata (described below), the specification does not mandate any structure or file types.

gwit defines a URI format (described further below) that allows to refer (link) to a file or directory by its path in a site indicated by its identifier. The URI may apply to an optional specific version of the site.

**Note:** As an example of how to bind the author's day-to-day key to a particular site, the latter may include some statement, signed by the author's day-to-day key, claiming ownership of the site key by its fingerprint. Or following the [Ariadne Identity Specification][AIS], the day-to-day key may include an identity claim with a gwit URI pointing to a file in the site that contains an identity proof for the key.

[AIS]: https://ariadne.id/