Rust wrapper and bindings for libplum, an image handling library
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Rust wrapper (plumers) and bindings (libplum-sys) for libplum, an image (de)coding library.

Please report any issues on the ticket tracker, and contribute code to the repo!

#Comparison to image?

The good:

  • Small (few dependencies)
  • Upstream is fuzz-tested
  • Supports the full JPEG standard, “including fractional subsampling, which nobody does!”
  • Embedded colour palettes are a first-class feature

The bad:

  • Not pure Rust, so some tooling doesn't work. For example, Miri
  • Requires libclang to build
  • Only supports GIF, BMP, PNG, APNG, JPEG, and PNM; and not any of the more fringe formats


builds.sr.ht status

#Updating libplum

To avoid the crate's build requiring Git, Make, and Bash (something something Windows), the entirety of libplum's “distributable” (libplum.c and libplum.h) is included under libplum-sys/src. To update it, run cargo xtask update_libplum; the version to which it is updated is what's specified the crate's version (the build metadata, to be precise).