Software engineer, musician, artist, and other things


A probabilistic sequencer for monome norns


A slug generator CLI


A C++ wrapper library for the monome serialosc protocol


SuperCollider tutorials/notes/examples


A melange of Max utilities, patchers, snippets, etc.


A phase dispersion Max object


Rust library to parse op1 .aiff files


minimal .vimrc settings


Fork of Shiori bookmark manager extension (https://github.com/go-shiori/shiori-web-ext)


Mirror of GitHub: Over 150 Airwindows plugins as Max/MSP externals using the Min C++ API. Contains reverbs, delays, filters, compressors, and more.


An interactive cookiecutter template for a JUCE VST plugin with a Conan and CMake toolchain


Solutions to https://github.com/rust-lang/rustlings


LaTeX notes cookiecutter template