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Hi. My name is Manuel Groß. I’m an artist with a computer science background from Oldenburg, northern Germany. I like fiddling with tiny computers and also love finding new ways of expressing myself. I earn money as an Embedded Software Developer / Integrator in a company centered around home automation. This is a place for personal projects and opinions though.

My personality type as of 2020-01-01 is ISFP, “the artist”.

I’m interested in many things, but haven’t got a good track record of projects and contributions myself yet. I’m building and grooming this personal website as a catalyst for myself, and to let you take part in what I’ve learned so far.

I keep most of my source code on the hosted sourcehut variant, but for shared projects I have a Github account as well.


Feel free to send me an email. You can use the GPG key with the fingerprint EA45 5B15 3B80 4AC5. Please write in either English or German.

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