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+++ title = About this website +++

Minimal design

Apart from some basic layout any typography settings, I try to keep the design of this website as minimal and responsive as possible. This website also has no means for dynamic content, so no Java script etc. is used. I also abstain from web analytics and user tracking in general.


I didn’t want to bloat this website with any webfonts (and also avoid helping Google tracking my website’s readers, if any), so I just use a serif font-family instead. If installed, it displays text in Lora, which is a beautiful libre serif font. For source code, I’m using Hack, which is a brilliant monospace font I couldn’t live without.


In the “Weblog” section I’m using icons, which are SVG files from Fontawesome (e.g. the star and the calendar). They are licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license, if you’d like to use them yourself. I’m using single SVGs since I don’t want anyone having to download the font for a few single icons.


Obviously I didn’t come up with the layout and design ideas completely myself, so here’s a quick plug to the websites and projects that helped influence this website’s design and structure:


This website is built with the static website generator Zola (former “Gutenberg”). This means I can organise my content as markdown files in a version control system, and Zola generates a bunch of static HTML files from them, together with a config and some templates.

The source for this website is available here: git.sr.ht/~irimi1/manu.computer

{{ history() }}


I (ab)use openring to generate a list of the last five commits to this site from sourcehuts RSS feed.


This website is hosted on asteroids.


  • I want to make more use of HTML5 elements
  • The templates are a bit bulky and could use polishing