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382af59aManuel Groß Log bleeptrack’s cccamp19 logo generator 6 months ago

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The truly magnificent Bleeptrack just published a CCCamp19 logo generator to help with creating last-minute logos for your crew or village. It’s available at cccamp19.bleeptrack.de

It’s pretty simple to use. Just enter your text at the bottom, hit generate until you like the composition, and then download the SVG file. Since it’s already a vector file, there’s not much else needed in order to plot it i.e. for T-Shirts or banners. As of now, the text is not converted to paths, so this has still to be done by hand. It’s pretty straight forward to do with inkscape though (just mark everything and click “Path” -> “Object to Path” and you’re done). In order for that to work you need to have the Marvel font installed. It’s already included in the “Google Font” collection, in case you have that installed on your system already.

Since it’s an SVG, you can also still easily make modifications to it, if desired. I edited the colours on mine, but I’m still unsure if I’m going to use it on a shirt.

Happy generating!