Add link to RSS feed
Format <hr>s via CSS
Add event note for camp19
Include notes in weblog

I totally stole this idea from
It’s way better than a separate list.
style: Make navigation links a tad smaller
Plug uberspace
Add to list of influences
Add foldable ToCs to sections, pages and blog entries

OMG I love HTML5 <3
Add LNP to podcast list
Add the manifest to the podcast list
Categorise software notes
Make podcast notes a section
Revert "templates: Use better symbols to distinct dirs and files"

I’ll just make everything a section. Otherwise I’ll create the expection
of this website to behave like a file browser.

This reverts commit 57e7fc79457ae5ca8f1e581d9e9adad7af3523cc.
Add notes on the Black Bulb podcast
Improve wording
content: Add notes on a first podcast
templates: Improve list of blog entries
templates: Use better symbols to distinct dirs and files
content: Add brief `ncdu` note