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![cyberwehr stickers](cyberwehr_printed.jpg)

## 34c3: Laber nich, tuwat!

You maybe know the “We can do it” poster (which has a [pretty interesting backstory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Can_Do_It!) by the way). I thought it was fairly fitting to the motto of that year’s congress, and since it’s in the public domain, I figured to just mash it up together. I also went with the official typeface of that year’s logo design, which I don’t think is permitted to publish with works. I asked the author of the font via email and never got a response though. I will however at some point find the source file again and release a version with a free to use font, promise!

![laber nich, tuwat! stickers](labernich.jpg)

## 36c3

I didn’t want to come with empty hands again, but I didn’t have any great ideas and was lacking the drive to brainstorm any. So I just went with [the generator](https://36c3.bleeptrack.de/) [Bleeptrack](http://bleeptrack.de/) made for anyone to use. They didn’t come out too great. The humanity one is a little misaligned, and the green in the other ones didn’t pop as much as I would have liked it to.  

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