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With these preparation steps, I was able to read back the NVRAM partition from by Gemini, and successfully flash the stock Android again, as described in the [support wiki](http://support.planetcom.co.uk/index.php/Android_Flashing_Guide).

![Smart Phone Flashing Tool Screenshot during flash procedure](spft.png)
![Smart Phone Flashing Tool Screenshot during flash procedure](spft.jpg)

By the way, the tool also starts without running the shell script with sudo. I guess it requires permissions to do stuff on the USB ports or so? You might be able to get away with configuring permissions for the user to run this tool with instead of giving it root permissions when running.

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> While we did send you a new set, the keycaps only fall out when they haven't been replaced properly. It is important that once the new keys arrive, you only remove them from their top side, not from the left, right or bottom sides.

![Wrong and Correct replacement methods](wrongright.png)
![Wrong and Correct replacement methods](wrongright.jpg)

I was removing them the lazy way from the side, as shown as in [this Gemini Planet article](https://geminiplanet.com/how-to-replace-the-gemini-keyboard-mat/)—a post on a website which is by the way not endorsed by Planet Computers. I should have scrolled down more to read all the comments.

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@@ 60,11 60,11 @@ Also, the Debian image isn’t pre-flashed, and the “Flashing Tool” requires

Android also doesn’t seem to be optimised for that wide landscape resolutions. Some apps actually become close to unusable due to that, and even [Termux](https://termux.com/) seems to have some incomprehensible problems with that resolution. Here are some example screenshots:

![Gemini app overview](gemini-appview.png)
![Gemini app overview](gemini-appview.jpg)

![Instagram on Gemini](gemini-instagram.png)
![Instagram on Gemini](gemini-instagram.jpg)

![Termux on Gemini](gemini-termux.png)
![Termux on Gemini](gemini-termux.jpg)

Another bummer is the clamshell mechanism, which only *seems* to be pretty sturdy. If you’re e.g. lying on your back and hold the device above you, gravity is strong enough to attract the display lid so it folds halfway down. The device is not exactly usable in that position.

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