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## Photos and impressions

- [Leah Oswald’s photo album on flickr](https://www.flickr.com/photos/leahoswald/albums/72157712400345071)
- ElektrollArt’s photos:
  - [day 1](https://www.elektrollart.org/?p=7320)
  - [day 2](https://www.elektrollart.org/?p=7340)
  - [day 3](http://www.elektrollart.org/2020/01/03/36c3-day-3-cc0/)
  - [day 4](http://www.elektrollart.org/2020/01/04/36c3-day-4-cc0/)
- ElektrollArt’s photos ([day 1](https://www.elektrollart.org/?p=7320), [day 2](https://www.elektrollart.org/?p=7340), [day 3](http://www.elektrollart.org/2020/01/03/36c3-day-3-cc0/), [day 4](http://www.elektrollart.org/2020/01/04/36c3-day-4-cc0/))
- [36c3: On Stage and behind the Art - WiP30](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4Yj17e3nl0)

## Press coverage

@@ 46,3 42,11 @@ Then I went to help out with the c3stoc, the “Sticker Operation Center”, whi
I also still had to do a bar runner shift, providing bars with fresh beverages and filling the closed ones up so the bottles could cool down over night.

To conclude, build-up is a lot of fun. It turned out to be a great alternative for christmas for me, and it’s a great opportunity to make new friends when it’s even more a family-like setup compared to when all 17,000 guests are in the building. It helped me forge meaningful new connections and get immersed in the event even more.

### Sticker Operation Center

[Marie](https://maryshi.ro/) was asking me and a few other people if we would be interested in running the Sticker Operation Center (c3stoc) for this year’s congress. The goal was to move away from the centralised “one big sticker table” to multiple sticker boxes spread all over the congress area. We got many applications from different assemblies, and Marie and Rafael were choosing them from the assembly map to distribute them somewhat evenly. We ended up with 14 sticker boxes, which all got markers in [c3nav](https://36c3.c3nav.de/l/stickers/@0,351.64,285.39,1.29).  
The clou now was that instead of running your own “crondrops” as a person who brought stickers, you could just drop them at [Chaos Post](https://c3post.de/) and they would do the drops for you.

In hindsight we were pretty successful. There were no real queues in front of the sticker boxes, and the distribution went really well. I also went on a few Chaos Post deliveries myself in exchange.  
There’s definitely room for improvement on our side, but for a first “experiment”, this went really well. I’d expect this OC to conintue its operation :)