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Hi. My name is Manuel Groß.  
I’m an artist with a computer science background from Oldenburg, northern Germany. I like fiddling with tiny computers and also love finding new ways of expressing myself. I earn money as an Embedded Software Developer / Integrator in a company centered around home automation. This is a place for personal projects and opinions though.

My personality type as of 2020-01-01 is [ISFP, “the artist”](https://web.archive.org/web/20200102122258/https://personalitymax.com/report/?pt=5-58-47-32&mi=77-77-47-67-67-33-63-60&ls=59-62-82&bh=45&name_key=5ed33ca354).
My personality type as of 2020-01-01 is [ISFP, “the artist”](https://personalitymax.com/report/?pt=5-58-47-32&mi=77-77-47-67-67-33-63-60&ls=59-62-82&bh=45&name_key=5ed33ca354).

I’m interested in many things, but haven’t got a good track record of projects and contributions myself yet. I’m building and grooming this personal website as a catalyst for myself, and to let you take part in what I’ve learned so far.