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How to learn new things has only been taught to me in the way that’s broadly accepted in the mainstream. Those are reading stuff, and doing excercises.  
This works reasonably well for a large portion of people, but others will struggle when restricted to these kinds of learning.

## What art and music are good for

## First aid

In Germany, things like CPR and how to stay calm in emergency situations is not taught at school. Many studends only learn that when they’re preparing for their driver’s license and forget about it afterwards.

## Emotional first aid

How to help a friend that constantly is in a bad mood, can’t deal with their anger issues or hast trouble coping with a break-up? What about emotional hygiene in the first way? By learning these essential skills early on in life, one can prevent having to deal with a lot of mental issues later in life.

## Organisation

How to organise your thoughts? What to do when things keep floating around loosely in your head? How to intensely think about a specific topic? These are things students are somehow pretended to have figured out already, yet I’m still struggling on finding a solution that works for me in my thirties. It’s a great deal when trying to lead a productive life.

## Writing

Writing is an essential skill that’s universally useful in various situations in life. Some students can do it well, others hate it. I don’t remember getting any useful tips for improving my writing back in school and still deal with chopping up neverending sentences.

## How the world works and why