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There are things every human being should be educated in at some point. At least the school system I went through spectacularly fails to teach those, and I’m genuinely glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

On this page I will try to list the topics I miss in general education, and how to acquire knowledge in them outside of school.

## How to learn

How to learn new things has only been taught to me in the way that’s broadly accepted in the mainstream. Those are reading stuff, and doing excercises.  
This works reasonably well for a large portion of people, but others will struggle when restricted to these kinds of learning.

## What art and music are good for

## First aid

## Emotional first aid

## Organisation

## Writing

## How the world works and why

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I like a minimalistic approach to webdesign and despise bloated websites with a heavy feel. Exceptions to my preference for calm and readable websites are handcrafted pieces of art (an example would help here).

## Resources