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[The manifest](https://manifest.fm/) is a podcast about package management. The two hosts mostly interview package manager maintainers of different programming language ecosystems, or talk to experts in specific topics like typosquatting or licensing.  
It’s kind of a niche podcast, and the episodes aren’t released that frequently, but what’s already there provides a fairly deep look into problems specific to package management, and how different package managers solve them. There’s even [transcripts](https://github.com/themanifest/transcriptions) of some episodes. I enjoy it for sure, and still haven’t listened to all existing episodes myself.

### Derek Sivers

> [[Derek Sivers Podcast](https://sivers.org/podcast)] is an audio version of my blog. Each episode is just 1-3 minutes.

Each short blog post explores a thought or shares experiences with the audience. I enjoy this podcast for “brain food” in between.

## Podcasts with English and German episodes

### Omega Tau