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The image files used to boot are Android boot images assembled using `mkbootimg`, which makes sense, considering that the `LK` bootloader is used in Android as well. The [gemian wiki](https://github.com/gemian/gemini-keyboard-apps/wiki/KernelCompilation) describes how such an image is built.

## Architecture

The Helios X25/X27 is an arm64 SoC supporting ARMv8. In the Gemian Wiki, the kernel is compiled using a prebuilt aarch64-cross-toolchain for `ARCH=arm64`. This should be applicable for userspace as well.

The byte order of the CPU is little endian, which you can check via `lscpu` on any provided Linux image, or this little trick in [termux](https://termux.com/) (`lscpu` didn’t work for me there):

# Returns 1 for little endian, 0 for big endian
$ echo -n I | od -to2 | head -n1 | cut -f2 -d" " | cut -c6

## Sources

### dguidipc