Update notoire config
nvim: Replace vimwiki with notoire
youtube-dl: Disable config
sway: Disable touchpad using type identifier

Looks like the input ID did vary depending whether or not the laptop was
turned on on the docking station or not.
sway: Adapt touchpad input ID again
youtube-dl: Add 480p for when hires is not available
sway: Update disabling touchpad again
sway: Fix disabling touchpad
Add youtube-dl config for max 1080p downloads
Replace rofi with wofi
sway: Reconfig input devices
sway: Increase trackball speed and invert scrolling
sway: Remap trackball buttons 2 and 8
sway: Add trackball input accel
sway: Remove background wallpaper
kanshi: Add new monitor setup
termite: Set font size to a compromise
termite: Set font size for old people (me)
sway: Update wallpaper
sway: Omit autostarting terminal alltogether