nvim: Minify config; Change colours
termite: Explicitely set back and foreground colpours
nvim: Fix path for vimwiki
beet: Move library file into music directory
rofi: Remove duplicate theme file
rofi: Improve padding
sway: Remove empty include
sway: Make theme monochromatic again
Fix paths for new username
rofi: theme: Improve padding
rofi: Add sway-white theme
fish: Start sway if running in tty1
sway: Change keyboard layout variant

This enables setting accents for letters
i3status-rs: Add avg temp
i3status-rs: Remove separator
sway: Switch to irimi1 wallpaper
Revert "Remove beets config"

This reverts commit 387667aa1426f580aa694b710f6277b8e6dfe7ec.
Remove beets config

At this point I do myself (and my music collection) more harm than good
using beets.
fish: Use 24 colours in pic2web fn

9 was a bit too narrow
fish: Add alias for converting pictures for my websites