project-specific Buildroot customization for Gemini PDA
linux: Use 'packaging' branch
Remove trailing _defconfig
Add gemian kernel with external toolchain


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project-specific Buildroot customization for Gemini PDA

Project goal

Due to what source code is currently available for the Gemini PDA, the way Linux images are put together is quite hacky and requires manual work. They also are quite big and bring desktop environments that are not really suited for the Gemini in my opinion. Therefore I chose Buildroot as a minimal base to build upon.

This external tree aims to bring the hacky solutions currently used for the Gemini Linux images to Buildroot, so you can build your own minimal systems for it, all in one go.

Project status

This is still very work in progress. Even if it should build when you read this, I have not tried this yet on my device and don’t know if it will work or brick the device.

For now: Do not use this!