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#Contributing to rusty-man

#Project infrastructure

rusty-man is hosted on sourcehut.org and uses these services:

#How to contribute

#Writing code

Have a look at the issues in rusty-man’s issue tracker, especially those with the label good first issue, to find an issue to work on.

#Writing documentation

You can help by proofreading and extending the documentation in the readme file and the contributing and installation guides. Also, rusty-man is lacking a man page and a usage guide – contributions are welcome!


If you are using rusty-man and are encountering any issues, please let me know. I’m especially interested in reports from other operating systems than Linux. You can also help by writing unit tests, especially for the HTML documentation parser.

#Submitting patches

Please submit patches by sending a mail to the mailing list ~ireas/rusty-man-dev@lists.sr.ht. There are three ways to do that:

  1. Use git send-email to send your patches. If you are not familiar with the git send-email workflow, have a look at this step-by-step guide or contact me for more information.
  2. Or push your changes to a public repository, for example hosted on your own Git server, sourcehut.org, Gitlab or GitHub, and use git request-pull to send a pull request to the mailing list.
  3. If options one and two don’t work for you, just use your mail client to send a mail with a link to your changes and a short description to the mailing list.

#Testing and checking the code

  • rusty-man currently has very few unit tests. You can execute them using cargo test --bins, but make sure to generate rusty-man’s documentation with cargo doc before running the tests!
  • rusty-man has an integration test suite that uses insta for snapshot testing. The test suite uses the documentation stored in the tests/html directory (generated by different versions of rustdoc). If you set the RUSTY_MAN_GENERATE environment variable, it will also use cargo doc to generate the documentation.
  • Use cargo fmt for code formatting.
  • Fix all warnings and errors reported by clippy.