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#Changelog for rusty-man


  • Scroll by page on PageUp/PageDown in tui viewer.
  • Bump MSRV to 1.45.0.

#v0.4.3 (2021-06-19)

This patch release adds support for Rust 1.53.0 and for non-default target directories.

  • Prepare supporting multiple parser backends.
  • Read the $CARGO_TARGET_DIR and $CARGO_BUILD_TARGET_DIR environment variables to determine the Cargo target directory.
  • Add support and tests for Rust 1.53.0.

#v0.4.2 (2021-06-06)

This patch releases adds support for the new search index format (Rust 1.52.0 and later).

  • Add o command for opening a documentation item to the tui viewer.
  • Add tests for Rust 1.48.0, 1.49.0, 1.50.0, 1.51.0, 1.52.0 and 1.52.1.
  • Add support for the new search index format introduced in Rust 1.52.0.

#v0.4.1 (2020-10-11)

This patch release fixes an issue with the pager configuration.

  • Use the LESS environment variable to set the options for the pager.
  • Add the --pager option to set the pager for the plain and rich viewers.

#v0.4.0 (2020-10-09)

This minor release introduces a new interactive viewer, tui. It also adds syntax highlighting for code in the documentation and support for Rust 1.47.0.

  • Remove suffix from duplicate members (e. g. from Deref implementations).
  • Use the merge crate to merge the command-line arguments and the settings in the configuration file.
    • Add merge dependency in version 0.1.0.
  • Add syntax highlighting for code snippets in the doc comments.
  • Add interactive tui viewer that adds support for following links from the documentation.
  • Add tests for Rust 1.47.0.
  • Remove Notable Traits section from definitions.

#v0.3.0 (2020-09-11)

This minor release adds support for Rust 1.46.0 and significantly improves the test suite.

  • Improve handling of different items with same name:
    • Add the item type to the item list if multiple matches are found in the search index.
    • Respect the item type when opening the documentation for an item that has been found in the search index.
  • Refactor test suite:
    • Store the documentation generated by all supported rustdoc versions in the tests/html directory.
    • Use one snapshot per test case and rustdoc version.
  • Refactor member lookup for compatibility with Rust 1.46.0.
  • Add tests for Rust 1.46.0.
  • Improve test suite:
    • Add test for Parser::find_member.
    • Add test for Index::find.

#v0.2.0 (2020-08-11)

This minor release adds support for syntax highlighting of code snippets and for configuration files.

  • Add syntax highlighting:
    • Add syntax highlighting using syntect for code snippets displayed with the rich text viewer.
    • Add the --no-syntax-highlight option to disable syntax highlighting.
    • Add the --theme [theme] option to select the syntax highlighting theme.
  • Add support for configuration files:
    • Load the config.toml file from the config directory according to the XDG Base Directory Specification ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/rusty-man/config.toml, where ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME} defaults to ${HOME}/.config. The configuration file can be used to set defaults for the command-line options.
    • Add the --config-file [file] option to set a custom configuration file.
  • Add the --width [width] option to set a fixed output width and the --max-width [max] option to set the maximum output width.
  • Improve line break rendering when displaying code.
  • Add integration test suite.

#v0.1.3 (2020-07-28)

This patch release adds support for documentation generated with Rust 1.45.0 and fixes some minor bugs in the documentation parser. It also adds the documentation downloaded using rustup to the default sources.

  • Use rustc --print sysroot to determine the Rust installation directory instead of always using /usr.
  • Improve the documentation parser:
    • Fix the definition of methods to only contain the actual definition.
    • Remove spurious members in module documentation.
    • Show the definition for constants and typedefs.
    • Fix group and ID for typdef items.
    • Extract the description of module items as HTML instead of plain text.
    • Sort implementations alphabetically.
    • Fix list of methods and trait implementations for Rust 1.45.

#v0.1.2 (2020-07-25)

This patch release adds basic logging output and a new -e/--examples option to extract only the examples from the documentation. It also fixes a bug when displaying the documentation for a function.

  • Add basic logging using env_logger that can be enabled by setting the environment variable RUST_LOG=info.
    • Add env_logger dependency in version 0.7.1.
    • Add log dependency in version 0.4.11.
  • Show the definition for global functions.
  • Add the -e/--examples option to only show the examples instead of opening the full documentation for an item.

#v0.1.1 (2020-07-24)

This patch release fixes some minor issues with the documentation displayed on crates.io.

#v0.1.0 (2020-07-24)

Initial release with support for directory sources and including viewers for plain and rich text.