Parser for documentation generated by rustdoc
Add support for parsing modules
Add modules function to Crate
Remove re-exports TODO in json::Crate::items


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A parser for documentation generated by rustdoc.


Contributions to this project are welcome! Please submit patches to the mailing list ~ireas/rusty-man-dev@lists.sr.ht (archive) using the [PATCH rustdoc-parser-rs] subject prefix. For more information, see the Contributing Guide.

#Minimum Supported Rust Version

This crate supports Rust 1.47.0 or later.


For bug reports, feature requests and other messages, please send a mail to ~ireas/rusty-man-dev@lists.sr.ht (archive) using the [rustdoc-parser-rs] prefix in the subject.


This project is dual-licensed under the Apache-2.0 and MIT licenses. The documentation and examples contained in this repository are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license. You can find a copy of the license texts in the LICENSES directory.

rustdoc-parser-rs complies with version 3.0 of the REUSE specification.