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  • Export the FirmwareVersion struct.

#v0.7.1 (2020-08-30)

  • Remove the custom std::error::Error::source implementation for error::Error to avoid duplicate error messages.

#v0.7.0 (2020-07-14)

  • Refactor the Error enum so that it is Send, Sync and 'static:
    • Remove the sync::PoisonError from the PoisonError variant.
    • Remove Error::RandError variant.

#v0.6.0 (2020-02-03)

  • Add String value to the Error::UnexpectedError variant.
  • Always store serial numbers as structs:
    • Introduce the SerialNumber struct.
    • Change the return type of Device::get_serial_number from Result<String, _> to Result<SerialNumber, _>.
    • Change the type of the field DeviceInfo.serial_number from Option<String> to Option<SerialNumber>.
  • Use NK_get_status instead of NK_read_config to implement the Device::get_config function.

#v0.5.2 (2020-01-28)

  • Use CString to store the temporary password instead of Vec<u8>.
  • Regenerate temporary passwords if they would contain a null byte.

#v0.5.1 (2020-01-15)

  • Fix serial number formatting for Nitrokey Pro devices with firmware 0.8 or older in the list_devices function.

#v0.5.0 (2020-01-14)

  • List these libnitrokey functions as unsupported:
    • NK_change_firmware_password_pro
    • NK_connect_with_ID
    • NK_enable_firmware_update_pro
    • NK_list_devices_by_cpuID
    • NK_send_startup
  • Implement connection by path:
    • Add the Error::UnsupportedDeviceError variant.
    • Add the DeviceInfo struct.
    • Add the list_devices function.
    • Add the connect_path function to the Manager struct.
  • Add the get_status function to the Device trait.
  • Rename Status::get_status to get_storage_status.
  • Add the get_sd_card_usage function to the Storage struct.
  • Add the OperationStatus enum and the get_operation_status function for the Storage struct.
  • Add the fill_sd_card function to the Storage struct.

#v0.4.0 (2020-01-02)

  • Remove the test-pro and test-storage features.
  • Implement Display for Version.
  • Introduce DEFAULT_ADMIN_PIN and DEFAULT_USER_PIN constants.
  • Refactor the error handling code:
    • Implement std::error::Error for CommandError.
    • Add the Error enum.
    • Add the LibraryError enum and move the library error variants from CommandError to LibraryError.
    • Add the CommunicationError enum and move the communication error variants from CommandError to CommunicationError.
    • Return Error instead of CommandError in all public functions.
    • Move the CommandError::RngError variant to Error::RandError and the CommandError::Unknown variant to Error::UnknownError.
    • Return CommunicationError::NotConnected instead of CommandError::Undefined from the connect functions.
    • Remove the CommandError::Undefined variant.
  • Add a private PhantomData field to Pro and Storage to make direct instantiation impossible.
  • Refactor and clean up internal code:
    • Prefer using the Into trait over numeric casting.
    • Add Pro::new and Storage::new functions.
  • Implement From<Pro> and From<Storage> for DeviceWrapper.
  • Add Error::Utf8Error variant.
    • Return Result<Version> instead of Version from get_library_version.
    • Return Error::Utf8Error if libnitrokey returns an invalid UTF-8 string.
  • Implement From<(T: Device, Error)> for Error.
  • Fix timing issues with the totp_no_pin and totp_pin test cases.
  • Always return a Result in functions that communicate with a device.
  • Combine get_{major,minor}_firmware_version into get_firmware_version.
  • Add set_encrypted_volume_mode to Storage.
  • Use mutability to represent changes to the device status:
    • Implement DerefMut for User<T> and Admin<T>.
    • Add device_mut method to DeviceWrapper.
    • Require a mutable Device reference if a method changes the device state.
  • Update dependencies:
    • nitrokey-sys to 3.5
    • nitrokey-test to 0.3
    • rand_core to 0.5
    • rand_os to 0.2
  • Add nitrokey-test-state dependency in version 0.1.
  • Refactor connection management:
    • Add ConcurrentAccessError and PoisonError Error variants.
    • Add the Manager struct that manages connections to Nitrokey devices.
    • Remove connect, connect_model, Pro::connect and Storage::connect.
    • Add the into_manager function to the Device trait.
    • Add the force_take function that ignores a PoisonError when accessing the manager instance.
  • Internally refactor the device module into submodules.

#v0.3.5 (2019-12-16)

  • Update the nitrokey-sys dependency version specification to ~3.4.

#v0.3.4 (2019-01-20)

  • Fix authentication methods that assumed that char is signed.

#v0.3.3 (2019-01-16)

  • Add the get_production_info and clear_new_sd_card_warning methods to the Storage struct.
  • Use rand_os instead of rand for random data creation.
    • (Re-)add CommandError::RngError variant.
  • Account for the possibility that an empty string returned by libnitrokey can not only indicate an error but also be a valid return value.
  • Make test cases more robust and avoid side effects on other test cases.

#v0.3.2 (2019-01-12)

  • Make three additional error codes known: CommandError::StringTooLong, CommandError::InvalidHexString and CommandError::TargetBufferTooSmall.
  • Add the get_library_version function to query the libnitrokey version.
  • Add the wink method to the Storage struct.
  • Add the set_unencrypted_volume_mode to set the access mode of the unencrypted volume.
  • Add the export_firmware method to the Storage struct.

#v0.3.1 (2019-01-07)

  • Use nitrokey-test to select and execute the unit tests.
  • Add support for the hidden volumes on a Nitrokey Storage (enable_hidden_volume, disable_hidden_volume and create_hidden_volume methods for the Storage struct).
  • Add the connect_model function to connect to a specific model using an enum variant.

#v0.3.0 (2019-01-04)

  • Add a force argument to ConfigureOtp::set_time.
  • Remove the obsolete CommandError::RngError.
  • Add CommandError::Undefined to represent errors without further information (e. g. a method returned NULL unexpectedly).
  • Add error code to CommandError::Unknown.
  • Add the Storage::change_update_pin method that changes the firmware update PIN.
  • Add the Device::factory_reset method that performs a factory reset.
  • Add the Device::build_aes_key method that builds a new AES key on the Nitrokey.
  • Add the Storage::enable_firmware_update method that puts the Nitrokey Storage in update mode so that the firmware can be updated.

#v0.2.3 (2018-12-31)

  • Dummy release to fix an issue with the crates.io tarball.

#v0.2.2 (2018-12-30)

  • Update to Rust edition 2018.
  • Remove the test-no-device feature.
  • Update the rand dependency to version 0.6.
  • Add function Device::get_model that returns the connected model.
  • Derive the Copy and Clone traits for the enums CommandError, LogLevel and OtpMode

#v0.2.1 (2018-12-10)

  • Re-export device::{StorageStatus, VolumeStatus} in lib.rs.

#v0.2.0 (2018-12-10)

  • Update to libnitrokey v3.4.1.
  • Major refactoring of the existing code structure.
  • Add support for most of the Nitrokey Pro features and some of the Nitrokey Storage features. See the TODO.md file for more details about the missing functionality.

#v0.1.1 (2018-05-21)

  • Update the nitrokey-sys dependency to version 3.3.0. Now libnitrokey is built from source and bindgen is no longer a build dependency.
  • Add get_minor_firmware_version to Device.
  • Use NK_login_enum instead of NK_login in Device::connect.

#v0.1.0 (2018-05-19)

  • Initial release