Watch Last Videos from Subs: A POSIX sh script to watch last videos uploaded to YouTube by some channels listed on a file.
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POSIX shell script made to automatize subscription following and watching.

It currently only supports youtube-style channel and video id’s.

You put many channelid’s on a file called subs.tsv on $HOME/.config/wlvs and you execute this. You can add a number after the channel id to specify personal preference (the higher the number, the higher the preference). There is an example file on this repo.

Run with:


#How is it spelled?

wlvs is spelled like the plural form of wolf: wolves.


  • Youtube only (invidious channel ids also work, as are the same as youtube ones).
  • mpv
  • youtube-dl

In the future a new config file or command line ooptions will be added in order to select which video player or downloader you might want to use. In case of youtube-dl, there is not much alternative I know of. Only hypervideo, which works the same was as youtube-dl but without the google crap.

#How it works

It takes the channels on subs.tsv, preprocesses them accordingly on another file called subs_file.tsv that will change all the time.

Last videos from selected channels will be watched and saved, counting how many times that content creator has uploaded a video on the last 14 days and on the previous 14 days.

The order in which new videos are search is, first, by manual preference, second, by previous 14 days upload frequency, and third, by current 14 days frequency.

examplefile is of type subs.tsv, so in case you want to base on that, you should copy it to $HOME/.config/wlvs and rename it to subs.tsv. $YT_SUBS global variable could also be used to define the location of this file.

Only subs.tsv should be modified, but if you are more advanced, subs_file.tsv could also be editted in order to modify some information a channel could have. However, if you want to change channel id or manual relevance do it on subs.tsv as those will overwrite subs_file.tsv.

#File format: Example file

There is an example file called, unironically, “examplefile” with some channel examples in order to show how this file would be filled.

The format is as follows:


Empty lines and lines starting with character ’#’ are ignored.

  • CHANNELID: The ID of the channel you want to subscribe to.
  • MANUALRELEVANCE: The manual relevance the user can assign to a channel in order

to get videos from it earlier or later. The higher the number, the earlier that channel will be considered for searching new videos.

Between both there should be a tab character, although an space could be used.