Bug fix: File path is checked to make sure it's in the root directory or in ~/public_gemini
Bug fix: Another traversal bug. This time /..%2F
Bug Fix: file system traversal bug where %2F is treated as /
Bug fix: the server would hang if there was an error with the config file
Added Reload on SIGHUP
Updated Cargo.toml to v0.6.2
Bug fix: time-rs crate panics when changing time to local so for now the logger uses utc
Added release-linux.yml to automatically build and upload tagged releases for linux
Added docker.yml
Bug fix: If text file wasn't utf8 it would fail and not send any
response to clients.
Added Dockerfile, updated README and pumped Version
Fixed regression in get_binary
Cleaning up code
Switched from openssl to Rustls
Updated version to 0.5.0 and updated deps
Changed host/port to interface and can now listen on multiple interface/ports
Changed hostname check to be case insensitive
Added .build.yml