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# iq-nq	qiuy-knowledge-management
## Do knowledge-management licenses need to be fully equivalent to software-engineering licenses?

This is a crayon-license, covering the domain of knowledge-management:
* It assigns licenses to atomic-components within the perogative of core Icebreaker components
* Relevent licenses have to be compatible with EU-wide expectations of FOSS licensing
* Qiuy annotations are classified by the license AGPL
* Icebreaker content is by default classified by the license AGPL
* Icebreaker graphing of content is by default classified by the license AGPL
* Content and data associated with the Qiuy recursive-modelling-language is expected to (for all practical purposes) be under the purview of this license
* Authors responsible for a document are able to assign Icebreaker relevant parameters to refer to EU-wide FOSS licenses
* Authors commit date will make use of this (or forked) licence(s) relevent to the very-same commit timewise
* Authors can autonomously assign which precise commit of this licence they are deferring to for documents or document-related creations
* Authors can volunteer as derogative their collections of aggregates of their forges to be included as a subset of this license
* This will be represented in the appropriate Koutliner document within this repo
* Icebreaker will be the ultimate arbiter of the correct inference of this licenses Koutliner blocks on a case-by-case basis
* (Wider and specific) disagreements or misunderstandings will (at Icebreaker's perogative) be arbitrated by Icebreaker in accordance with appropriate EU legislation
* Neither Qiuy; Icebreaker; nor this License make any claims to either normative prose or opinions (whether featured in relation to Qiuy annotations or not)
* Neither Qiuy; Icebreaker; nor this License make any claims of you being free from worry; strife; or responsibility (whether individual or collective)
* Should there be any deficiencies to this crayon-license then proportionate GPL family licenses will considered the fallback