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rw_oqo	adding-research_module
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A oqo_vdiff.kotl
A  => oqo_vdiff.kotl +32 -0
@@ 1,32 @@
;; -*- Mode: kotl -*- 
"Kotl-4.0" ;; file-format

   1. => https://github.com/justbur/emacs-vdiff

   2. re	vdiff compares two or three buffers on the basis of the output from the diff tool. The buffers are kept synchronized so that as you move through one of the buffers the top of the active buffer aligns with the corresponding top of the other buffer(s). This is similar to how ediff works, but in ediff you use a third “control buffer” to move through the diffed buffers. The key difference is that in vdiff you are meant to actively edit one of the buffers and the display will update automatically for the other buffer. Similar to ediff, vdiff provides commands to “send” and “receive” hunks from one buffer to the other as well as commands to traverse the diff hunks, which are useful if you are trying to merge changes. In contrast to ediff, vdiff also provides folding capabilities to fold sections of the buffers that don’t contain changes. This folding occurs automatically. Finally, you are encouraged to bind a key to `vdiff-hydra/body’, which will use hydra.el (in ELPA) to create a convenient transient keymap containing most of the useful vdiff commands.
      This functionality is all inspired by (but not equivalent to) the vimdiff tool from vim.

   3. rqr	investigate functionality for gLean

   4. rqr_oqo	investigate emacs-vdiff-magit

"ben" ;; kvspec:current
4 ;; id-counter
alpha ;; label-type
4 ;; label-min-width
". " ;; label-separator
3 ;; level-indent

;; depth-first kcell attributes
  (creator "pepys24@qiuy04" create-time "20211229:18:59:01" id-counter 4 file "/home/pepys24/3q20rq_diffing/oq_emacs/oqo_vdiff.kotl")]
  (creator "pepys24@qiuy04" create-time "20211229:18:59:01")]
  (creator "pepys24@qiuy04" create-time "20211229:18:59:39" no-fill t)]
  (creator "pepys24@qiuy04" create-time "20211229:18:59:58" no-fill t)]
  (creator "pepys24@qiuy04" create-time "20211229:19:05:18" no-fill t)]]