Where knowledge gushes forth.. a nonsense guix channel.
soon cxp will be ready, going to look into this


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

'vitleysa' is Icelandic for 'nonsense' but when I was a kid driving around iceland there were
many places called 'vatnsleysa' but there would be a lot of water there ('vatn' is 'water')
so I asked my dad (who is known for producing excellent nonsense) and he interpreted 'leysa'
in the other way it can be used, as a solution or loosening, so 'vatnsleysa' is where the 
water runs out from the ground .. 'vitleysa' is then 'sensing solutions' or something :)

This is supposed to be a guix channel that I can use to distribute cxp, tala and saman.

Here will be the compatibility layer between guix and datalisp as well as between p2p
and centralized development of this project. There may be 'packages' of tala menus for
instance - they would then be curated by me or at least going through this git repo.