system config to start with
New machine, had some trouble setting it up so I am but it wrks
Icelandic idiosyncracy
Fixed bug caused by fprev and fnext not being reliable.


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### Introduction

This repository will house the guix system that will seed the "tala saman" network.

Tala saman is my attempt at implementing datalisp, feel free to make more convincing 
attempts, or help me with mine, or whatever is most comfortable for you.

The word "vegur" both means "road" (or "path") and "one who assesses" it can also mean
"weighing" or finally, in the Icelandic sagas, it means "to murder" (i.e. to censor).

I feel all meanings are quite appropriate since all this bureaucracy is killing the 
human spirit, we should stop spending so much time staring at symbols. To do that
we should work together and prioritize which pixels are worth looking at until we
don't need these things anymore.

Feel free to participate and help me reach escape velocity!

### Organization

Mostly undecided, for now this will host the raw material I use to organize my
system but with experience it will get refined. Of course `tala` and `saman` will
be used to manage this material to an ever increasing extent.

### Notes

Keyboards are nightmarefuel. Probably it is unnecessary for stump to do any keyboard stuff.

TODO: Add nyxt to the mix.

Programming stumpwm:
- commands like swap-windows is using (pull-window window frame) behind the scenes
- (window-frame window) gives the frame of some window
- when `pull-window` is only given a window argument then it brings it to current frame
- splitting uses `split-frame-in-dir` which has optional direction argument which is row/column.

Using the system:
- Headphones may not work until you `guix shell alsa-utils` and unmute them in `alsamixer`
- I haven't needed nonguix yet since this is a desktop machine.