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Just a small overflow from cxp, I will give this repo proper attention soon.
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M hack.sh
A src/reader.lisp
A src/util.lisp
M tala.asd
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Namesystem sketch

The idea is to be able to name frames and then offer an API by hooking stuff
to the name. Validation for the fields, wires to fill the frame, program to
run on resulting file and access control; can all be expressed in the hook

cat datatoname | cxp name thisisthename
cat spec.cxp | cxp hook underthisname
cat named.cxp | cxp api trustlevel

some commands I originally had under cxp.

name    : Cxp => Name => Cxp        (put name at front of cxp in parens)
names   : NIL => Cxp                (shows all known names and assoc content addrs)
attach  : Cxp => Name => Netstring  (takes specification of SH command for name)
perform : Cxp => Trust => Netstring (does what inference it is allowed w/given data)
anon    : Cxp => Cxp                (length prefix toplevel & parens around all)

M hack.sh => hack.sh +4 -0
@@ 1,1 1,5 @@
guix environment --no-grafts --load=tala.scm -- sbcl --load start.lisp

# Idea: make this into a guix extension
# Idea: if working menu: make start.lisp load a menu with a command to open repl
#       rather than having the user have to do it themselves.

A src/reader.lisp => src/reader.lisp +4 -0
@@ 0,0 1,4 @@
(defpackage :tala/reader
  (:use :cl)
  (:export #:read))
(in-package :tala/reader)

A src/util.lisp => src/util.lisp +4 -0
@@ 0,0 1,4 @@
(defun line (x1 x2 y1 y2)
	    (croatoan:submit (croatoan:draw-line *scr* (list y1 x1) (list y2 x2))))

(defun clear () (croatoan:submit (croatoan:clear *scr* :redraw t)))

M tala.asd => tala.asd +1 -1
@@ 7,7 7,7 @@
(defsystem "tala"
  :version "0.0.0"
  :author "ilmu"
  :license "public domain"
  :license "bsd"
  :description "Collection of menus, implementation of datalisp."
  :class :package-inferred-system
  :depends-on (:cl-ppcre