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I feel the space is coming for some progress in this project finally, for now I will put a teaser and we will see how things develop with the autumn
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Probably I'd end up with a book and I'd rather have the programs I described sketched out by that time so that I can use my own methodology to edit the texts.

Therefore; all I can offer you, dear reader, is apologies. Please make ample use of the principle of charity and try to understand the problem I am trying to solve (this will make the solution somewhat obvious...).

Also note that there is a lot of things in my head that are still missing, one thing I need to do (TODO) is add a library repo (to tala saman) with papers and books I've been reading. An important idea is the "concept lattice" which is a bigraph of "objects" and "properties" it will serve as a base for contextual estimates of trust as well as for the logic programming in the system, the interactions between the different types of bigraphs are mutually recursive in some structured way that I have not worked out yet (probably yet another bigraph tbh). However none of this is important unless we build the foundational software that makes it easy to work with these ideas. Therefore, this is not a priority as of now.