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This is a preliminary introduction to a project that is very hard to explain 
due to how fundamental it is.

We are interested in building society on a stable foundation and with computers 
becoming an increasingly fundamental part of the coordination of human behaviour 
we worry about the incentives being created.

The datalisp project builds on some very simple ideas: 
- the duality of code and data (universal turing machine proves this)
- canonical representatives for equality comparisons (think torrent seeding)
- free software as a foundation for a democratic society
- the peer to peer model as a more accurate description of reality
- therefore; decentralized coordination of society
- persuasion as means to updating software (coercion / centralization is systemic risk)
- trust as a channel for effective communication (information you don't trust is noise)
- probabilistic assessment of trust as the foundation of economics
- sufficiency of economics to coordinate name system
- sufficiency of name system to coordinate society
- conflict resolution as a "join" in name system lattice (actually is the meet - trade)
- reified conflicts as a form of conflict resolution (the join - market)
- currency exchange rates as measurement of relative legitimacy

Feel free to contact me with questions or join us on matrix: