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Updated package for collaborators.
3 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

M cxp.lisp
M guix.scm
M TODO => TODO +2 -2
@@ 1,2 1,2 @@
Use guix, asdf and sqlite (for cache/fetch).
Figure out how nitstrings will fit in.
Simplify specification slightly
Write HACKING and explain how to extend interface
\ No newline at end of file

M cxp.lisp => cxp.lisp +3 -3
@@ 201,7 201,7 @@

|| For stream handling the primary interface (to start with) is unix pipes.
|| We want to interact with them as pure data so we cannot use (listen).
|| We want to interact with pure data so we cannot use (listen).

(require 'flexi-streams)

@@ 271,8 271,8 @@
      ((string= cmd "unquote") (unquote-stream in out))
      ((string= cmd "collect") (collect-stream in out))
      ((string= cmd "lines") (print "not yet implemented"))
      ((string= cmd "help") (print "not yet implemented"))
      (t (print "invalid command")))))
      ((string= cmd "help") (print "not yet implemented")) ;; TODO: make each defun add a line to *help--a-section*
      (t (print "invalid command")))))                     ;; the sections then fill in the *help-string* template.

(defun current-directory (file)
  (pathname (concatenate 'string (namestring (uiop:getcwd)) file)))

M guix.scm => guix.scm +4 -1
@@ 15,6 15,7 @@
 (guix packages)
 (guix gexp)
 (guix build-system asdf)
 (gnu packages sqlite)
 (gnu packages lisp)
 (gnu packages lisp-xyz))

@@ 40,9 41,11 @@
;		     (setq *default-pathname-defaults* (uiop:getcwd))
;		     (cxp:io))))))))
  `(("sbcl" ,sbcl)))
  `(("sbcl" ,sbcl)
    ("sqlite" ,sqlite)))
  `(("cl-ppcre" ,cl-ppcre)
    ("cl-sqlite" ,cl-sqlite)
    ("str" ,cl-str)
    ("flexi-streams" ,sbcl-flexi-streams)
    ("chanl" ,cl-chanl)